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20 Best Analytical Tests in 2019

  SEOH pH-Fix 3.1-8.3 Analytical Test Strips Box 100 - The patented ph-fix technology stands for a high quality, color-fixed ph test strip system. To prevent bleeding, the ph-indicator is chemically bound to the cellulose fiber. For many years chemists as well as inexperienced users have appreciated ph-fix’s optimal usability, reliability, and precision. The long handle

21 Best Capillaries in 2019

  304 Stainless Steel Capillary Tubing, Length 12″ (30 cm), Tube Out Diameter OD 1 mm, Pack of 2 - Pack of 2 stainless steel tube. Length 12″ (30cm). High quality 304 stainless steel. 3 mm, inner diameter 0. Out diameter 1 mm, wall thickness 0. 4 mm.   Kimble 34507-99 Glass USP Melting Point Capillary

Top 20 for Best Glass Graduated Cylinder in 2019

  3 pc Graduated Cylinder Set; 10ml, 50ml, 100ml with plastic guards; Class B Eisco Labs Borosilicate Glass - All cylinders include plastic guard and plastic detachable hexagonal base. Graduated cylinder sizes 10ml, 50ml, 100,ml. All three graduated cylinders are made of heavy duty borosilicate glass. Plastic base and plastic gaurd are removable for easy cleaning.

25 Most Wanted Steel Flasks for 2019

  Eisco Labs Safety Flask/Beaker Tongs – Stainless Steel, Cork Lined Jaws, 12″ Length - The overall length is 30cm. Fits flasks of any shape from 100-2000ml. Eisco safety flask tongs, stainless steel, cork lined jaws(1) set of tongsstainless steel flask tongs with cork lined jaws.   Greek Life Lambda – Etched 8 Oz Stainless Steel

Top 19 Digital Magnifiers for 2019

  Digital Microscope 1000x Magnifier Camera 8-LED Mini Handheld USB Digital Microscope with Stand for Windows,Linux and Android - Built-in led lights on camera head to illuminate the inspection area, and the lights’ brightness is adjustable with a wheel on the cable. Application in inspections such as skin, hair, education, collection, industrial, and biological,etc compatible with

Best and Coolest 17 1000 Ml Flasks in 2019

  Toolcool 110mm Laboratory Cork Stands Ring Mat Round Bottom for 250ml-1000ml Flask - 0393inches) package included 1 x lab cork stand. Material cork flask size 250 to 1000ml height 31-32mm inside diameter 55mm outside diameter 110mm (1mm=0.   50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml Chemistry Lab Long Neck Clear White Plastic Volumetric Measuring Beakers Flask Sets(5pcs) (250ml, 5) - Capacity:50ml,100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml packing5pcs

Best 24 Hydrophobic Membrane Filters for 2019

  Advantec MFS T020A090C Hydrophobic Membrane Filter, Unsupported, 90 mm Diameter (Pack of 25) - Ptfe membranes are available unsupported and supported. Ptfe membranes with a laminated polypropylene web support to one side offers improved handling characteristics. Ptfe is inert to most chemically aggressive solvents, strong acids and bases and can be used for solvent clarification

15 Greatest Test Tube Bottles for 2019

  uxcell Laboratory Measurement Test Tube Bottle Cleaning Wash Brush 2pcs - Net weight 7g. Color beige, silver tone. Brush size 19x 15cm/75″ x 06″(ld),17 x 04cm/68″ x 015″(lw). Product name test tube brushmaterial nylon, metal. Package content 2 x test tube brush.   Nylon Test Tube Bottle Wash Cleaning Brush 26cm Long - Package content 2

Best and Coolest 20 Refractive Indices in 2019

  MISCO PA202 Palm Abbe Digital Handheld Refractometer, Brix Scale 0-85.0, Refractive Index, Sugar Content - Stainless steel sample well, protective evaporation cover, large 24-character lcd, display backlight. Protective rugged rubber armor jacket made in the usa. Misco optical-engine® technology sapphire optics, high definition 1,024 element detector array. Automatically calibrates itself to water automatic temperature compensation

17 Greatest Sabouraud Dextrose Agars for 2019

  Sabouraud Dextrose Agar w/Chloramphenicol (Powder), S0053-15-2Kg - 5%) ~5. Ph (6. Appearance beige, homogeneous free-flowing powder solubility visually the prepared medium is clear to trace hazy and light amber in color. 6 microbiological tests aspergillus niger atcc 16404good candida albicans atcc 10231 good escherichia coli atcc 25922 inhibited saccharomyces cerevisiae atcc 18790 good. Application selective