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Top 25 Disposable Reagent Reservoirs for 2020

  Diversified Biotech RESE-5100 Disposable Reagent Reservoir, Non-Sterile, 50mL Capacity (Pack of 100) - Superior design provides stronger sidewalls. A wide base provides stability and avoids spills. Graduated marks on inside wall. Unique “trough within a trough” maximizes reagent recovery. Convenient pour-off spouts on all four corners.   Axygen RES-V-100-S Polystyrene V-Bottom Disposable Reagent Reservoir, Sterile,

Best and Coolest 20 Fluorescence Cuvettes in 2020

  FireflySci 1FLG20 Standard 20mm Glass Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Cover - Fireflysci type 1fl standard 10 mm cell has become our best seller for fluorometery and with many different types of materials available it’s easy to find the exact cuvette you need. All scientists know that their laboratory must be equipped with a few standard 10 mm cuvettes.  

Best 20 Usb Digital Microscopes for 2020

  Digital Microscope 20X-800X Magnifier Camera 8-LED Mini Handheld USB Digital Microscope with Stand for Windows,Linux and Android - High quality ic and electronic components, with clear image quality, low power consumption, high-resolution. Application in inspections such as skin, hair, education, collection, industrial, and biological,etc compatible with usb 30, 20 & usb 11. 20x to 800x

23 Best Water Purification Systems in 2020

  Thermo Fisher Barnstead 09.1006 Ultrapure Polisher Cartridge for MicroPure Water Purification System - Provides automatic calibration verification of the purity meter. Made for use with the nanopure type 1 ultrapure water purification system. Optional nist calibration module.   Heating Element for Water Purification Systems, 240V, 2500W - This is a replacement immersion heating element for thermo

Top 17 for Best Ptfe Stirrer in 2020

  SEOH PTFE Stirrer Bars, Cross 60 x 20mm - Ptfe stirrer bars, cross 60 x 20mm.   PTFE Stirrer Bar, Micro, 15 x 1.5mm - For the very smallest containers, but always use the largest stirrer bar possible. White. 15 x 15mm. Micro. Ptfe.   Lab Spare Parts Stir Shaft Adapter PTFE Stirrer Bearing 7mm Inner

Top 19 Cleanroom Swabs for 2020

  Contec CONSTIX SP-5 Polyurethane Cleanroom Swab with Delrin Handle, 0.08″ x 0.4″ Knit Polyester Head, 3″ Overall Length (Case of 500) - Delrin (acetal) handle has a thin, flexible tip that enables access to very small areas and components. Swab contains no adhesives swab head is made from cleanroom wiper polyester fabric. Head size and

20 Coolest Plastic Eye Droppers in 2020

  HEALTH 1st Glass Dropper Bottles with Plastic Eye Dropper, Amber, 1oz. Capacity, 12/Pack - Hair, oral, eye, and ear applications, fda compliant. Amber, protect light-sensitive contents. Bottle includes glass dropper and black polypropylene cap. Amber, glass maintains liquids sensitive to degradation from light. Precisely dispense oils, medicines and extracts one drop at a time, mixing

15 Greatest Gc Autosamplers for 2020

  Syringe 10µL for Thermo Scientific GC Autosampler – GC Syringes for Thermo Scientific Instruments, Thermo Scientific - Gc autosampler syringes for use with thermo scientific gc instruments. Available in a range of volumes from 0. 5 to 250µl.   Model 1701 N CTC Syringe, Gastight – Microliter and Gastight CTC PAL GC Autosampler Syringes, S-Line

Coolest 22 Hydrion Phs in 2020

  Hydrion Urine and Saliva pH Paper 5.5-8.0 – 067 – EACH - Micro essential laboratory, inc. Each roll provides for approximately 100 tests. Our roll provides the ablility to use as much or little tape as you need for your test. Offers an easy to read, single color match at every 2 to 3 interval

Top 16 Lindberg Blues for 2020

  Lindberg/Blue M Polycarbonate Gable Cover for 9820S47, S49 - A standard microprocessor-based digital temperature control is recessed into the front panel to protect the instrument from sample spillage and moisture. Seamless stainless steel sides with rounded chamber corners allow for a smooth circulation pattern in the chamber and easy cleaning. Mechanical circulation, along with an