Top 16 Macherey Nagels for 2019

  Macherey-Nagel, 91128, Litmus Paper, Red 5.0-8.0, Booklet Of 100 - They are useful to distinguish between acids and bases. They indicate, if the ph of solution is above or below the point of color change. This product is a completely impregnated indicator paper. Booklet of 100 strips.   Macherey- Nagel, 92110, 0-14 pH Indicator Strips

18 Greatest Addition Funnels for 2019

  Chemglass CG-1702-04 Series CG-1702 Addition Funnel with 4 mm PTFE Stopcock, 24/40 Joint Size, 435 mm Height, 500 mL - Funnels with 14/20 and 19/22 joints are supplied complete with a stopper. With pressure equalizing arm and ptfe stopcock. Cylindrical style addition funnel with a standard taper top outer joint and lower inner joint, both

23 Best Pierceables in 2019

  Pierceable Closure Caps For 10mm and 12-13mm Tubes - Stands up to rigorous procedures, including centrifugation, refrigeration, and freezing. Made from non-autoclavable elastomer copolymer. Simple one-handed operation. Won’t crack or fall off. Fits almost all standard tubes, including evacuated blood drawing tubes, glass, and plastic test tubes.   Pierceable Closure Caps For 16mm Tubes - Fits

Best 20 Laboratory Reagents for 2019

  uxcell 5pcs 100ml Plastic Wide Mouth Laboratory Reagent Bottle Sample Sealling Bottle White - It is used in many fields, such as lab experiment and home use for taking certain liquid. Screw sealing lid protects frome leakage. 1. 3. 100ml bottle used for packing all kinds of water agent, emulsifier, corrosion resistance, this bottle is

16 Best Stirrers in 2019

  Glass Rod 9.8 inch Stirrer Glass 250 mm Glass Stirring Rod Pack: 10 pcs of stir sticks - Stirring rods are good for mixing volatile substances and acids, useful if you are making preparations for cleaning metals and stones. Glass rods are great for blending essential oils and these do a great job with creams,

24 Coolest Tissue Culture Flasks in 2019

  TISSUE CULTURE FLASK FILTER CAP 175CM2 - These polypropylene racks hold 25cm square (50, 75ml) or similar sized tissue culture flasks in a vertical position. Rectangular holes in the top and center plates stabilize the flasks preventing tipping. Allows easy organization of flasks to improve processing and to avoid errors in collecting used media, media

Top 25 Biosafety Cabinets for 2019

  6′ Purifier Logic+ A2 Biosafety Cabinet with Telescoping Base Stand – 6′ Purifier Logic+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets, International Electrical Configurations, Labconco - “. Please call 888-793-2300 or email [email protected] Using the same ecm blower technology as the purifier logic®, the logic+ uses the constant airflow profile┢ (cap) to maintain a precise volume of

18 Coolest Volumetric Flask With Stoppers in 2019

  Kimble 28040-200 Borosilicate Glass 200mL, +/- 0.1mL Tolerance, Square Class A Volumetric Flask, with Stopper - Designed to take up less area and pack more closely on shelves and in refrigerators or other storage cabinets. Supplied with a marking spot and a ground glass stopper. Designed from astm specification e288, class a unserialized requirements. Due

Top 17 Antifreeze Refractometers for 2019

  Aluminum Material Antifreeze and Battery Hand-held Refractometer THA-503ATC - There’s also an additional scale for measuring the freezing point of windshield cleaning fluid. 01sg, reference temperature 20’c, atc (automatic temperature compensation) compensation range 10’c ~ 30’c (50’f ~ 86’f), manual calibration with mini-screw driver provided, weight 165g. Refractive index is very temperature dependent, it is

22 Coolest Purity Grades in 2019

  Silica gel, TLC high purity grade, w/o binder 250g - Manufactured in united states. Spectrum manufactures & distributes a complete inventory of pharmaceutical chemicals. For professional research use only.   2 Pint Kit – Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol High Purity Food Grade (16 oz each) - Shelf life two years when stored out of direct