18 Top Oakton Phs

  Oakton pH Calibration Buffer, 10.01, 1.0 L - Standardized against nist traceable materials. Oakton® buffers for meters with 0. Sold in individual bottles 500-ml bottles are also available in cases of 12, 4-l(1-gal) bottles in cases of four. Store buffers away from direct sunlight. 01 ph at 77°f (25°c). 01 resolution are standardized against nist-traceable

Best and Coolest 20 C8 Columns

  HPLC Column, with Trident – Ultra C8 Columns, Restek - Particle size 3 µm or 5 µm, spherical pore size 100 Ã. Ultra c8 columns are conventional monomeric octylsilane columns offering a shorter alkyl chain to provide less hydrophobic retention and improved basic peak shape over a traditional c18 phase. Carbon load 12% end-cap yes

Top 25 Best 500 Ml Erlenmeyer Flasks

  Dedicated Platforms; 500 ml erlenmeyer flask – 3599-7 – EACH - Marking spot for easy sample identification. Capacity500ml height175mm (approx)od neck34mm, od body 105mm (approx). With graduation,narrow neck. Water, acid and alkali resistant. Barnstead/lab-line.   Glas-Col 108B LD-5C Lead Donut for 100-500 mL Volumetric Flask, 25 mL to 100 mL Graduated Cylinders and 200-500 mL

20 Best and Coolest Neck Flasks

  Chemglass CG-1520-10 Glass 500mL Round Heavy Wall 2 Neck Bottom Boiling Flask with 24/40 Standard Taper Outer Joint and 20 Degree Angle - Flasks with joint sizes other than those listed are available. Flasks with 10/30 side neck are for use with cg-3506 thermometers. Round bottom, heavy wall two neck flask with standard taper outer

Top 22 Best Karl Fischers

  Karl Fischer Coulometric AG-C 500ml UN3286 - Karl fischer reagent a, for pyridine-based volumetric kf titration (pyridine, sulfur dioxide, methanol). 1 x 1 l. Glass bottle. 1010 g/cm³. 36116-1l.   Hanna Instruments HI900540 O-Ring Set, For HI903 Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator - For hi903 karl fischer volumetric titrator. O-ring set.   Karl Fischer Coulometric AG-C 6x500ml

23 Best Ultra Low Chest Freezers

  So-Low C40-14B Ultra Low Chest Freezer, 208V, 14 Cu. Ft., Temperature Range 0°C to -40°C - Comes standard with microprocessor digital controller, audible and visual alarms, remote alarm contacts, alarm battery back-up, and 1/2″ access port. 208 volts. Temperature range 0°c to -40°c. 14 cubic foot ultra-low chest style freezer.   So-Low C40-27 Ultra Low

Top 20 Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus

  GSS Bomb Calorimeter Apparatus 0A0A2 - Steel duly nickled chromium plated water jacket s. Steel crucible full feature digital controller safety device application petroleum industries / department coal industries / department educational institute research lab. Bomb, water vessel optionaloxygen cylinder power consumption220/230v, ac supply single phase 10 50 hz duty cycle continuous. Technical details housing

22 Most Wanted Flowmeters

  WEONE LZQ1-6 Oxygen Flowmeter 0.5-5LPM Flow Meter for Oxygen Air Gas Conectrator New - Material acrylic, plastic and metal size 73. 90″x0. 94″(wxtxh) connection 8mm pagoda (hose connection) center distance 76mm medium gas accuracy 5% flow range 0. The case can be used for industrial, oxygen and other gases need to calculate the flow rate

Top 23 Best Nutrient Broths

  SEOH Nutrient Broth Dehydrated Media 500g - It now continues to be a widely used as a general purpose medium for growing nonfastidious organisms. The apha advocated the use of this dehydrated medium for the bacterial examination of water and milk. Nutrient broth was suggested by the american public health association (apha) in the early

17 Coolest Ashless Filter Papers

  Advantec MFS N039.0CM Qualitative Ashless Filter Paper, No. 3, 0.23 mm Thickness (Pack of 100) - Ash content 0. Advantec quantitative ashless filter papers are made from the highest quality alpha cotton cellulose. All grades are double acid washed in hydrochloric then hydrofluoric acid to reduce levels of sio2, cao, and fe2o3. 4a is 0.