17 Top Sartorius Corporations for 2019

  Sartorius Corporation 610AWG1 Arium Water Guard - Ready to go 3/8” push to connect fittings. Prolongs the pipette’s lifetime. Is cost-effective. Reduces maintenance intervals.   Sartorius Corporation Practum124-1S Balance, Analytical, Practum, 120 g by 0.1 mg - You name it and practum will weigh it- from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the analytical

Best and Coolest 25 Epithelial Cells in 2019

  Epithelial cell adhesion molecule (TACSTD1), Human, ELISA Kit - Product codee01e0395productepithelial cell adhesion molecule (tacstd1), human, elisa kitspecieshumanintended usefor research use only.   Epithelial cell adhesion molecule (TACSTD1), Chicken, ELISA Kit - Product codee12e0395productepithelial cell adhesion molecule (tacstd1), chicken, elisa kitspecieschickenintended usefor research use only.   Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule, Ep-CAM, Human, ELISA Kit - 2 ng/mlintended

15 Best and Coolest Porcelain Crucibles for 2019

  CoorsTek No.:60104 High-Form Porcelain Crucibles 10 ml - These crucibles are glazed inside and out, the base is unglazed  they can withstand temperarures up to 1050 c / 1922 f. Height 35 mm. Outside diameter 32 mm. Coorstek high-form porcelain crucibles.   213X6 Karter Scientific 50ml Porcelain Crucible, High Tall Form, Glazed, 43x58mm - Popular, high-form crucible style. Lid

20 Best Operating Microscopes in 2019

  Tathastu Zoom Dental Operating Microscope - A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Product can be used for educational or scientific purposes, as applicable. We manufacture genuine surgical products. Product will be shipped from india, best quality assured. Fast shipping via dhl/fedex.   Tathastu Continuous Zoom Surgical Operating

22 Most Wanted Ent Microscopes for 2019

  GSS Zoom ENT Microscope - Different colours. Visit wwwjlabexportcom for oem products at discounted prices. Wall mount ent microscope. E-mail us at [email protected] for further details. Best quality.   GSS Portable ENT Microscope - Wall mount ent microscope. Best quality. Different colours. E-mail us at [email protected] for further details. Visit wwwjlabexportcom for oem products at discounted

25 Top Buchner Funnels for 2019

  Laboy Glass Filtering Buchner Funnel 600mL With 24/40 Joint & 90mm O.D. Medium Fritted Disc - Laboy glass flasks are heavy wall designed,made by hand-blowing to ensure uniform wall thickness, made of high-quality borosilicate glass and annealed at 800 degree celsius ,can be heated directly in an open flame and can withstand typical laboratory thermal

Top 16 Capillary Gcs for 2019

  Liners for Capillary GC Inlets, Gooseneck Splitless Sleeve 4.0 mm by Agilent Technologies (25 per pack) - Base can be packed with wool for dirty samples. Adsorption and discrimination are minimized. Gooseneck splitless sleeves are designed for better containment of the sample vaporization cloud. The taper reduces sample backflash onto the septa or metal injector

Top 17 for Best Pipet 5 Ml in 2019

  CellTreat – CellTreat Brand Serological Pipet, 5mL, STERILE, Indiv Wrapped in Paper/Plastic, Packed in Bags, 200/CS -   Features  made of polystyrene for crystal clarity color coded stripes and packaging enable quick volume identification all pipets contain a premium material filter plug indicator arrow for locating negative graduations when using a pipette controller bi-directional graduations

20 Greatest Brix Refractometers for 2019

  Automatic Temperature Compensation 0-32% Brix Refractometer Beer Wine CNC Fruit by Ade Advanced Optics - Provides accurate and repeatable measurements on easy to read scale. The prism and lens with a simple focus adjustment. All metal construction with premium optical lens. Complete with case, calibration screwdriver and plastic pipette. Requires only 2 or 3 drops

Top 15 Best Column Chromatographies in 2019

  SILICA GEL 90 FOR COLUMN CHROMATOGRAPHY 500G - Cg-1203-22. Chromatogrpahy column, 35/20 socket joint, 2mm stopcock. 250 ml. Preparative. 127 x 3048 mm.   Chemglass Column, Chromatography, – CHMGLS - ” general-purpose columns feature a ptfe stopcock, a reservoir of the listed capacity, and a top spherical socket joint. Columns are constructed using medium wall tubing.